Hints from the classic games

Stuck in the game? The classic Magnetic Scrolls games included a built-in hint system which was based on cypheric hints in the game documentation. Those had to be fed to game and provided help with increasing accuracy (ok, mostly). Collected on this page you can find the deciphered hints. Use them only as a last resort! Do not underestimate the satisfaction of solving the games _without_ help. Please keep in mind that these hints were tailored for the classic way of playing the games - typing and guessing suitable commands. Some hints specifically try to help with accomplishing that, but have limited use when playing with the new interface of the remastered edition. Nevertheless, the hints might give a gentle push into the right direction in case you are lost.

The Pawn

How do I cross the Red Line?

Why is the guru laughing?

How do I drop the wristband?

How do I get into the shed?

What does the guru want?

How do I get past the guards?

What do I do with the note?

How do I buy things?

How do I get the lead?

How do I read the tomes?

How do I use the aerosoul?

How do I kill Kronos?

Where's the thermonuclear device?

How do I use the platform?

What can I do with the devil?

How do I get past the cream doors?

How do I work the lift?

How do I vote?

How do I kill the adventurer?

How do I get past the dragon?

How do I move the wheelbarrow?

How do I get through the double doors?

How do I get past the paper wall room?

I've won but not with a full score. Why?

What about the alchemists?

Where do I find some light?

How do I get into the tree?

Floorboards - How do I move them?

How do I get past the boulders?