The Mission

Preserving - Remastering - Evolving

In the mid 80's the dominant form of computer entertainment was playing text adventures. It was also the first time that non-technophiles used computers for diving into fantasy worlds. A whole generation was fascinated by the engrossing stories and captivating puzzles of Infocom, Level9, and Magnetic Scrolls. It was the time when stories were being told by firing a powerful imagination, rather than the reliance on powerful graphic cards. Many people still love walking down memory lane and especially the games from London based Magnetic Scrolls have kept a loyal fanbase and invite to reminisce. Some years ago, Niclas Karlsson provided the fans of Magnetic Scrolls with a fantastic interpreter that allowed them to play the games on modern computer systems. But while the games got preserved, a lot of the knowledge about the works, technology and achievements of the Magnetic Scrolls team was at risk of falling into oblivion. Until now! Incorporating Niclas Karlsson's interpreter a widely enhanced engine is created that not only ensures future access to the classic Magnetic Scrolls games, but sets the stage for progress and emergence.

What is Strand Games? Strand Games was started by Hugh Steers - a founding member and core developer of Magnetic Scrolls and Stefan Meier, curator of The initiative also has the support of several members of the original Magnetic Scrolls team including; Anita Sinclair, Ken Gordon, Rob Steggles and Servan Keondjian. Strand Games is about preserving the classic masterpieces and the history of Magnetic Scrolls. But Strandgames is much more. We aim to make the games fun to play in the 21st century. A lot has changed since the 80's - the devices have changed, the way we communicate has changed and the way we use computers and mobiles has changed. Remastering the classic games will free them from the shortcomings of the past and make playing the games enjoyable on modern mobile devices.

But Strandgames is even more. Based around the knowledge of Magnetic Scrolls and the Brahman system as the logical advancement, we aim to evolve interactive fiction by developing new, completely free and open source, tools and technologies aimed primarily at mobile IF authoring, plus new content - a new generation interactive fiction for mobiles - making it fun and appealing to a much broader audience.