I found this old magazine stuffed down the back of a sofa with what I think was the first major review of The Pawn on Atari ST, by Keith Campbell at Computer + Video Games in April 1986. April 1986!! Holy wossname; that's over 30 years ago.

This was the first time anyone had really seen the great (for the time) graphics created by Geoff Quilley and lifted Magnetic Scrolls into a new realm.

"Well written, detailed text gives an adventure game more interest and depth"

"The Pawn is so good that to compare it in the same category as many of the other adventures on the market is to do it a gross injustice."

Thanks Keith! Fantastic to see these games still alive and now remastered. I'm wondering we could or should add some new content - maybe King Erik's palace? Maybe some more underground activity? Back story for the guru? Different ending?

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