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  • @The_Librarian said: Headless ghosts? Sounds amusing. Are there any horses involved, together with a certain sleepy hollow? No, just a regular one: But to bring things back on topic, here are two other images that I assume are new to thi…
  • @The_Librarian said: Now I'm jealous. Looks good for its age What surprised me the most was that the CD had nothing to do with Magnetic Scrolls. It was distributed by Virgin Games so it contained some demos for other games, including A snea…
  • When the game was re-released as part of The Magnetic Scrolls Collection it had some additional graphics (and even animations) such as this one: I didn't play it much (by the time I managed to get my hands on a second-hand CD of it, I had already…
  • @hugh said: Hi. This is now fixed. Thanks! I guess all that's needed now is the documentation (necessary for the later games, but still nice to have for this one) and - more importantly - some free time to actually play the game.
  • @hugh said: I guess it could be "The Magician". But then there must only be one. The game introduces him as "Kronos the magician" when you first encounter him.