Jinxter first go


I had a good go on Jinxter today, first impressions are very good, thought I'd get down some thoughts:

  • Couple of items (eg. fly bath, plum roll) don't seem to have icons
  • New artwork is nice, background sounds are pretty good (I thought they'd be annoying!)
  • Be nice for a small margin in the text control where you type; type here text is right up against its control border
  • Couldn't find the settings or the compass for the PC version?
  • Be nice if the picture area remembers its size, I spent a lot of time resizing that if I came across a new picture
  • Typing pictures brings up a pic of the bridge when I'm at the carousel?
  • Small typo: the guardian is keeps saying things like 'yus' and 'really wossname'
  • Just before I got onto the cloud, the guardian tells me You're going to need those matches later , however my matchbox was empty!

It really was the last item in the list that's stopped me carrying on tonight - will I need to restart?

Top work, loving it!


  • Hi Dave,

    thanks for your report! Glad that you enjoy the game.

    Will check about the icons, perhaps we overlooked some items that are rarely used.
    The settings and the compass should be in the usual place. Do you say they are not there in the Windows version? Then there is something wrong.
    Great idea about the picture size, will add this to our todo list, same with the Guardian typo.


    About the matches: Yes, that is one of the dead ends, we need to fully resolve. You must not spend all the matches (there are 4 in the box), before the end game. So, you should try to restore a save game where you have at least one match left before going onto the cloud.


  • Thanks Stefan!

    I've attached a screenshot of the game running when I first load it up.

    During the process of doing this, I tried clicking on the right hand side and it actually brought up the options, so it's like the buttons are there but invisible. It looks the same if I maximise the window. Hopefully the attached screenshot will show you what I mean.

    Curses, I'll have to restart then, just used the one savegame, guess that's not too bright of me :smile: Thanks for the advice!

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