Jinxter remaster now in development


  • My fave Magnetic Scrolls title, really love the work you're doing!

  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your encouragement!

    We've already make a lot of progress with Jinxter. Stefan has done some excellent work in making it playable without typing - although, of course, you still can.

    We're going to try to make the ending less cruel (in modern mode), by making it depend on your "luck" and thus have an end scoring based on this. i think it could make it a lot more fun.

  • That's great to hear!

    Actually, I never did finish the thing despite spending weeks on it, so it would be nice to tick that one off!

    Really looking forward to it and the KL work you're doing sounds interesting too, keep it up!

  • out of all the MS games i think jinxter probably had the most impact on me back when i played it on the amiga.. tho i never actually finished it - so i'm very much looking forward to addressing that with the remaster!

  • We've got some new pictures for the Jinxter remaster!

    i'm planning to write a blog about it soon.

  • Looking great, Hugh, thanks for the update!

  • finally had a chance to read the blog post on the updated pictures.. fantastic! love the new on the bus one - i’m glad it wasn’t just me that found the original rather incongruous :)

  • Yes, we have new pictures!

    There are 10 new pictures altogether. 9 are for locations previously without illustration and one is "On the Bus" which replaces the rather weird original. But, you can still see the original if you want in "classic mode". So the original is there too, just for completeness.


    We're almost ready to start the beta program. See posting.

  • If you need a beta tester I'm ready

  • Hi Robriz,

    Yes, beta is close. PM me the email you'd like to use for beta. Also whether you want Android/Windows/iOS/OSX etc.


  • Did I miss something?

    Good luck with this one! Assuming it is too late for a beta testing session :smile:
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