Aerosoul bug?

i've really been enjoying re-visiting the pawn - it's so awesome these games are being updated & re-released. i still have my original Amiga copy, though i never managed to complete it back in the day.

however i seem to have run into a blocker bug... when it comes time to use the aerosoul, nothing happens. i'm not sure if i should give details which may be spoilers for other folk, but after hitting this issue i searched around and what i am doing is indeed the right time, place, and command... it just results in the usual "The aerosoul makes a strained sucking noise, but nothing else happens."

which is a real bummer. have you had any other reports of this?

this is with version on the mac.


  • Hi,
    Are you playing the remastered version or the classic version? Mouse/touch version or typing?

  • this is the remastered version and primarily typing, though i've also tried clicking on aerosoul/nozzle multiple times and have gotten the same results.

  • I think that you are still missing an important step of the solution, but of course this is only a guess. Tested the scene with both clicking and typing and the game does what it is supposed to do over here. But I only tested this single scene and not the full game, so this doesn't fully rule out a problem somewhere inside the game.

    If you are sure that you got all the steps right, perhaps verifiy with the following steps that solve the scene on my machine.


    Assuming that you are on "High Ledge", this should work:
    go northwest
    click dragon 2x
    click "maybe illuminate..."
    click dragon
    click "maybe point out"
    go north
    drag "potion bottle" on "magician"
    click aerosoul
    click noozle


    Assuming that you are on "High Ledge", this should work:
    shine white at shadows
    point at shapes
    throw potion bottle at magician
    get aerosoul
    press nozzle

  • hmm yeah that is what i'm doing :-/ should it say something other than "The aerosoul makes a strained sucking noise, but nothing else happens." ?

    i've put my save game here, which starts out on the high ledge:

    there may be something else i'm missing

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    Thanks for the savgame. Yes, indeed, something seems to be wrong. Either the savegame is corrupted or perhaps something in the game went wrong.

    I have also uploaded my savegame from the high ledge here (created with on macos):

    can you perhaps try if this one gets you further?

  • Ahh, I think I know what happened. It is not a game bug or a faulty savegame, but...

    You pressed the nozzle on the aerosoul before coming to the dragon/magician scene. Now it is full and there is no space left to suck up the soul of the dying magician. If you still have a savegame before getting the aerosoul, you should restore and... don't press the nozzle until you face the magician

  • oh man that is brutal! i think the first thing i did when i got it was press the nozzle... ok, i'll see if i can back track.

  • Yes, it is. These are the little devilries that were pretty common in the early days of text adventures... running into dead ends and not knowing until many moves later.
    That is what we try to prevent or rule out with the remastering. But this one slipped through. I will add it to our todo list for a possible update in the future.

  • Hi Guys,

    Yeah, i think if you press the aerosoul early, you waste it. Also you must press it after throwing the potion at Kronos and before he dissolves.

    I agree this is a bit old school cruel. We should amend this for a future release.

    We did make quite a few changes to The Guild along these lines, hopefully they'll maked the old games much more enjoyable to play.

    FYI, i think the games have around 30 move undo, which is always useful if you haven't got a savegame.

    good luck!

  • yeah i went back through old saves to a point before i had pressed it and there is a different message the first time you press it.. i should've paid attention to that!

    so now i have a different issue...

    i successfully capture kronos's soul, then go see the devil.. when i hand the aerosoul to him he says the contract is complete and signals i leave the chamber.. my score goes up.. but before that turn is complete he says i've failed and kills me...

    it only just occurred to me that i don't think i've ever come across the adventurer... so i suspect that's what i'm missing. does the adventurer continue to roam about the map throughout the game, or is it just in the early stages?

  • Yes, I think that is the problem. To finish the game, you

    must give the chest to the adventurer...

    Had a quick glance at the sources and if I got it right, the adventurer indeed keeps wandering around, so if try to catch him before going to the dragon you might be able to get back on track without the need to replay.

  • ahh awesome i'll give that a shot. is there a particular region he tends to be in (grassy plain/wilderness, palace?) or is it pretty much anywhere?

    thanks for the help, btw - much appreciated!

  • Glad to help!
    On a second look to the sources, I think, the adventurer wanders for 500 moves, then stops. About his movement:

    He doesn't wander to all locations, but to a larger part of the map, so it might be not that easy to track him down. Roughly spoken he walks from Palace to the Plateau, then into the cavern, back to the Plateau, then back to the Palace and then starts again until he reaches 500 moves. So your best bet might be on the Plateau or on the way between Palace and Plateau.

  • it turned out i blew past 500 moves pretty early on - i guess i spent a lot of time faffing about... :) so i started over.. thankfully most of it was still pretty fresh in my mind and this time i did meet the adventurer and was able to complete the game - hurrah!

  • Congrats!!!
    The adventurer is also on the todo list, for a possible future release. Perhaps in the future he will not disappear, but end his wandering in a fixed location, so you could always meet him again.

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