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When you go out from the guru's hut back to on the path, is it normal for the graphic image from the guru's hut not to be replaced until you get to your original start location? This was observed on both the Android and iOS versions.

Something like this was mentioned somewhere on this forum, but I just want to clarify it since this will be a question most people will start to ask sooner or later.

Does not bother me.




  • Unfortunately yes.

    I can't fix this until we go over to using the re-compiled source codes. Right now, The Pawn is running from a rebuilt binary (the original in fact). I'm running The Guild here from a re-build, but my next step is to check that the game really does work.

    Last week, i recompiled The Pawn from sources and it appears to work. It needs checking that the game is not somehow broken somewhere. I did fix the "Cliff or the cliff" bug with the re-built version (nice to have). My plan is to verify the Guild (mostly the same codebase), then re-release The Pawn.

    When we re-release The Pawn, it will be possible to make all sorts of fixes and changes. I'm going to put all of these on a run-time modern/classic switch anyhow, but generally, a lot is possible.

    Back to the picture problem; the original game sends a signal when there's a new picture to view. It doesn't send any signal when that picture is no longer applicable - so the Guru picture (for example) won't be replaced until there's another picture to view.

    But wait...

    I do know if you've changed location. and, i guess i could use that to retract an old picture. not sure if this would work. I know some adjacent locations are allocated the same picture...

    An idea to work on there...

  • Hi Hugh

    Good response there, this gives a clearer idea of the situation. If anybody have a query regarding the picture not changing, then we can refer them to the above post.


  • On iPad mini now the Pawn often crashes closing the app. I have 160 points and 997 moves and the map is quite big.. Is the map the problem?

  • Thanks for this report. I'm wondering if this is some memory usage problem. Where after some time, the app uses more and more memory. Hilariously, modern garbage collection systems are designed to expand until all your memory is consumed, before doing anything. In reality, this causes problems, for example, when switching apps etc.

    First thing is, this is not the map on its own. In the debug build, it enables visibility of the entire map from the start, which works smoothly without problem (although the zoom is a bit slower).

    I have had reports that the game might slowdown according to the total amount of text produced. The systems is meant to delete text off the top of the screen (after a few pages), BUT perhaps there is a bug here and the memory is not released.

    I am away at the moment, but I'll take a look into this when i get back.

    If you find any clues, please let me know.


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    @robriz Turned out there was a memory leak in the text handling. It is mean't to keep a certain text history as it scrolls up but eventually delete it. This wasn't happening.

    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    fixed for version

  • So in the Pawn I'm to give the aerosoul to the devil, but I keep dying every single time - why?

  • Are you dying after you gave the aerosoul to to the devil or when does it happen exactly?

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