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loved Jinxter a lot (and especially your improved ending!! Yeah!).

On Windows though, could you allow for the graphics screen to be rolled down and also start the text view right below it? As it works right now, you hide the text with the graphics, which makes sense on mobile devices, I guess, but on a big screen, I'd like to see the graphics while reading the text.

Also: Is there a package price for all three games? :)

Thanks for your work!! Really good job...


  • Hi Philipp,

    Thanks for your feedback on Jinxter! The new endings are thanks to Stefan who figured out a new set of "win" states depending on luck as well as score. A definite improvement over the original lackluster ending.

    Regarding the idea of playing with the graphics shown, you should definitely be able to do this on the desktop editions. If i roll down the graphics panel, i can leave it on screen and then type at the bottom.

    Or is this not what you mean?

    A price for the whole set is a good idea. However, right now we're working on Fish!, so i guess the "package" price would eventually be for everything.

    Something to think about.

    One other point about pricing is that the sales on will get you all the platform versions; Windows, Mac, Linux etc. However, since the Mobile editions are through the App Stores, these come out as separate. Nevertheless if you've paid for the desktop edition(s), We can give people access to an Android or iOS version if they ask. Unfortunately this is a bit manual. We'd ideally like to make one price for all platforms including mobile.

    I guess Apple and Google are not keen on losing their 30% cut :-)

    best of luck with the games!

    -- hugh.

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    Hey Hugh,

    thanks for your answers -- I'm really looking forward to Fish!, which I enjoyed as a kid :)...

    Anyway: As for the split graphics... How can I illustrate my point?
    Have a look at the two images attached.
    Jinxter1 is the program right after the start. You can read the text ("On The Bus, ...").

    Now, if I roll down the image, it rolls over the text (instead of moving it down), see Jinxter 2.

    More importantly: If a scrollbar is visible on the right hand side and the image is shown and I drag the scrollbar to the upmost position, the top of the text is displayed "beneath" the image (i.e. it's still hidden by the image).
    Ideally, on a computer, I'd like to have Jinxter3 (which is a lousy composition using gimp :)).

    Again: On a small display, the current behavior makes sense. On a computer screen, however, I could easily see the whole image, have enough room for the description text and another line for text entering.

    Thanks for listening! And good luck with Fish!

  • Hi Philipp,

    I had a go experimenting with your idea. Here's a demonstration clip using Fish!.

    If I understand correctly, the text can only scroll down with the roller into a small view providing the text is small enough to fit. Otherwise the last line of output, ie the state of where you are, will scroll off the bottom.

    So here, the text scrolls at the start, but when i fill the text buffer, it cannot scroll. Nevertheless, the scrollbar thumb reflects the smaller working space as suggested.

    Does this do what you intended?


  • Hi Hugh,

    awesome! This is absolutely brilliant (and exactly what I was talking about)!
    Thanks a lot!
    Can I expect for Jinxter?! (No need to rush, though)

  • "Can I expect _a patch for_ Jinxter" is what I meant to write. Sorry.
  • The feature has been added to the standard system, so all updates released will have the option.

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