request: save game with transcript

The current save/load functionality doesn't save the transcript (your commands and the game's responses). So when you load a saved game after taking a longer break, there is no way to review what exactly you did previously and which puzzles you already solved. You can only reconstruct that information by what items you currently have and what locations you have access to. If the game is in an unsolvable state, you can't "debug" your command history.

[I faced this problem a few months ago with Guild where I couldn't get into the Bank even though it looked like all puzzles had been solved. I shared savegames with Stephan who deduced with some detective work that I had lost the silver plectrum, but could not determine how this had happened.]

A save/load that also saves and restores the transcript would solve these difficulties.


  • That's a really good idea!

    Turns out there is a transcript option in the game (for the desktop editions);

    whatever.exe -t filename.txt

    Will record the game transcript as you play into filename.txt. However, this is not connected to save or load games. It's therefore just a continuous log of the game text.

    However, as you point out, it could keep this text with the save/load by bundling it into the save file for save and restoring it for load.

    One for the todo list.

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