Background sounds!

I would like to thank you for the wonderful surprise of the ambient sounds you added to Jinxter. They enhance the experience a lot. I'm currently enjoying sitting in Holly Lane and just listening to the birds. ;)

I know I'm being entirely unreasonable, but would you consider adding ambient sounds to Guild and Pawn too? ;)


  • So am I, listening to the birds, totally relaxed. :)
    the background sounds are really good.

  • oh wow, i've been playing it for a while without sound and had no idea heh. that's very cool.

  • I hope it's not a spoiler, but when the phone rang I almost soiled myself... I wasn't expecting that at all!

  • Thanks for your feedback on the ambient sounds. Yes, we added some to Jinxter.
    My favourite is the aqualung, because it actually helps to remind you that you're wearing it.

    Currently Stefan is doing a fantastic job of collecting some ambient sounds for The Pawn. We have a problem with The Pawn on Linux, some new Linux releases do not work with it anymore, so we're working on an update. Also with Icons!

    Hopefully we'll make an update of The Guild as well, but this will have to compete with progress on Fish!.

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