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  • is it possible to exchange save game files between Android version and Windows?
  • Where can I find the save games on android? couldn't find them.



  • There should be a share button on Android.

    Go into settings and open the "load" dialog box. Next to a save game, there should be a little "share" icon (left of the delete box). If you press this, it should launch a file share facility, which you can choose a destination such as the file system or dropbox etc.

    BUT, can you let me know if this works. Trying it here, the share button doesn't work anymore. Looks like a bug we didn't notice.... Either that or my new version of Android means it's different now.

    If you can share the file, it should be compatible with the Windows version.

  • the share button in fact didn't work.
    But even if it did, I was only able to share to Windows and not back from Windows to Android, wasn't I?
    I'd like to play in Windows and when I travel I use my tablet, so it would be nice to switch the save games back and forth.
    In Windows I can find the files in APPDATA/Roaming...
    But where are they in Android?

  • OK. let me look into this share button not working. That's a bug!

    You're meant to be able to share to the app as well. But it would mean sharing from a file manager.

    on Android, the save games are stored inside the "assets" subdirectory for the app. Normally, this area is not accesssible, except to the app itself.

  • maybe you can allow a userdefined folder to store/get the save files to/from.

    ok, I don't want to sound negative, so I stop. You've done a great work and I should enjoy playing the game(s).

  • I've discovered the sharing save game code is broken. Over here i have a fix. This allows the game to be shared out of Android (eg to Windows).

    However, there's meant to be a way back in. For some reason that's not working either...

  • edited January 2019

    Hi. I just rolled out a new Android version v1.2.9.9

    It appeared that the share code was completely broken, so thanks for reporting this.

    When the new version becomes available, you can share a save game from the load/save dialog. I tried sharing to Google drive. If this works, you'll have a NAME.SAV file somewhere (or whatever you called the save file).

    This file is compatible with the desktop versions. You'll have to copy it into the user directory .eg c:\users\whom\AppData\Roaming\Brahman\jinxter, or whereever Windows puts it.

    You can get a save game back into Android, but it's a bit more fiddly. For example, you can take the same (eg) NAME.SAV file and share it (use "send copy") from Google Drive to the Jinxter App. When you do this, the app will start and you will be wherever you left off last time (not in the save game). What has happned is that NAME.SAV should have been stored in the save game area and can be selected from the "load" game dialog box. So you have to go and load the save to actually restore it.

    There's one warning though...

    For some annoying reason, Jinxter won't receive a save game sent to it using the above if it is already running. The problem is that it will only check on start up. You have to clear down any running Jinxter app (eg swipe app and "clear all"). Then you should be ok.

    Good luck!

  • wow thanks, I'll try this. I didn't bought jinxter yet, i try to finish Guild of thieves first, As far as I know myself, I'll have Jinxter and The Pawn in my shopping cart.

    Is there a way to by the Android and Windows version in a bundle?

  • Hi. If you've bought the desktop versions, i can send you a special link for the Android edition.

    I think that people should only have to pay once. Unfortunately, the desktop editions are on itch and the Android version is on Play, so this has to be done manually.

  • will do, thanks.

    will there be a savegame fix for guild of thieves?

  • The Guild, yes there ought to be. There are a few other bug fixes wanting to go into a new release for Guild.

    So a guild update won't be done for a while unfortunately.

  • Sharing via Google drive between Jinxter Android and Win and back works like a charm.

  • Glad to know. Thanks for the report. At some point I'll look into rebuilding a version of The Guild...

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