Any movement on KL?

Loving the games so far. Got everything crossed for Wonderland.
Any way, I really like the prospect of a prospect for a cross platform system for more complex games. Is your system still in active development or should I put my time into Inform?



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    Hi Ray,

    Thanks for reminding me about this. I must write the blog "KL part 2".

    The short answer is that there has been a lot of development with KL. What's happening is that KL as a domain specific language has reached a useful and developed state.

    At Strand, we're developing a new IF engine that is written in KL. So there are two things; the KL language itself and the IF system written in KL.

    The third part, which i am now working on is a tool for authors that takes a high-level game script (currently called bscript) and translates it to KL.

    So KL becomes the target language rather than something people are expected to write. In this respect, it's a kind of "system language".

    To summarise the current status:

    • KL = stable.
    • IF in KL = most parts stable, other areas changing or likely to change.
    • bscript = not ready yet.

    Material being released and discussed, will be stable. So I could write KL part 2 now and it would be completed work and not work in progress. I can't say that 100% for the IF in KL. I've made some demo game attempts and it works, but I'm sure there will be changes.

    Much though I'd like to recommend my new system to people, the truth is you're almost certainly better off in the short term going with something already existing and stable.

    There's also the documentation to think about :-)

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