The Guild of Thieves for iOS has gone to Apple for beta approval

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We've submitted The Guild for Apple testflite beta testing. Yes, this actually needs Apple to approve it, although testers are from a closed list.

I'll be sending out test invites from the same list as for The Pawn.

Hopefully, the beta test will be short and we can make a full public release in due course.

Anyone who'd also like to test please let me know and i'll add you to the testers list.


  • I'm ready :smile:

  • beta test invites have been sent. let me know if not received. thanks.

  • Installed!

  • Hey thanks! Tests here look ok. Let us know if you find anything that doesn't work.

  • For now is ok, the game is great to play! The only bad thing I notice is that sometimes the game hangs for a few seconds on my Ipad. I've to check better..

  • Hi Robriz,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're hoping for a proper release, maybe for next week. So things are looking good.

    Regarding the "hang";

    For the rooms with animated pictures, the picture and its animation are decoded on demand. We extract the frames, then process them with upscaling. This makes the final animated image (actually they are turned into APNG). I've noticed that this can cause a short delay. Perhaps it is worse on pads, i need to check. Nevertheless, this is only done the first time the picture is shown. After that the animated image is stored (unless you change picture settings, in which case it has to be reprocessed). So i wonder if this is the cause of delay.

  • Turns out most browsers also support APNG;

  • Hello, still playing on iPad and everything is ok. No animated images found yet..

  • Not many images are animated. What about the gravedigger above, does that animate?

  • Played the Guild a bit on iPhone.. All OK, maybe it could be useful to add a pause like "press any key" when the text page scrolls down.. I missed my death many times because the game restored me but I didn't read it because the text scrolled too fast :-)

  • Hi Rob, thanks for this suggestion. I've added it to my list.

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