Install problem for The Pawn on Windows

Hi Everyone,

There's a problem with installing both "The Pawn" and "The Guild of Thieves".


If you get a message saying "A newer version is already installed", that's the problem. Here's how to solve it;

(1) Download the latest version of "The Guild of Thieves", which is
(2) go to control panel and uninstall your existing copy of The Guild

Do not worry, your game progress and saves will not be removed.

(3) install the new version of The Guild.

if you are trying to install "The Pawn", you should perform the above steps for "The Guild" first, and THEN install "The Pawn" as normal.

Hope this helps. If you run into problems, post here OR email me at and i will help you.


The Guild <= had the same internal microsoft product upgrade key as The Pawn. It has a unique product id, but the installer gets confused with the upgrade key. fixed for >=

This only affects Windows!

Sorry for the confusion.


  • Happy new year adventurers! :)

  • Was about to post regarding this.

    I still have the "free" pawn (v1.0.1.2) and guild (v1.1.0.7) installers and ran into this widdle issue. Heh.

    See if I can maybe spare a few cents to purchase the latest and newest from you guys.



  • You have to reinstall a more uptodate guild as mentioned above.

    I can PM you a free download key if you like.

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