Lone Wolf author Joe Dever passes away

In 1988 I stumbled upon role-playing fantasy book called Flight from the Dark, written by Joe Dever.

In it you take on the role of Lone Wolf, and your mission is to make it safely to the capital and warn the King.

Subsequent books take you on further, exciting adventures.

It was a novelty for me, all you need to play was a Lone Wolf book, pencil and some paper, and some time.

20 years later it was all but forgotten, but a chance remark on a forum somewhere rekindled the fond memories.

Recently I stumbled upon the Android version and was able to play the first 7 books on my Android device.

Wanting to dig a bit more around, I visited the Project Aon website - only to find the sad news of Joe Dever's passing.


It looks like he touched a lot of lives all over the world.


  • It is indeed sad. But I'm glad to see the works are being kept alive on the internet.

    This is a similar example to what I've been calling modern computer history. Although this particular case is not actual software, many computer games are derivatives of, or highly influenced by, these kind of works.

    Most older computing is now in museums, but a lot of things, say from the 70's onward is not, and a lot of stuff is still in peoples' heads, and unfortunately those people are slowly passing away.

    It's inspiring to see projects to try to recover, maintain and archive these sort of things. However, almost all these efforts are being done by small independent efforts on a shoestring budget, no one big is really interested probably because there's no money to be made from it (yet).

    It would be nice to see a lot more of modern history preservation. I think there are many, many important works and discoveries that need to be documented and archived.

    Thanks for posting about Project Aon.

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