Updates released for Windows & Android on itch.io


  • Nice! And I noticed the overall installer size is smaller now.

  • At one point, the package included some DLLs that were not needed.

  • @hugh said:
    v1.0.3.4 brings the theme selector.

    Will the Mac and Linux versions be updated as well, or are you still ironing out bugs in the Windows and Android versions.

  • Yes, definitely in the next week or so. Stefan usually builds the Mac & Linux final releases.

  • Windows version downloaded, I will check it soon :)

  • @robriz said:
    Windows version downloaded, I will check it soon :)

    Let us know what it is like... :smile:

  • Windows uploaded to itch. Fixed the dark theme save/load box. Sorry no share button for saves yet.

    However, on Windows, the save files are kept here, for those who might want to grab them directly;


  • Dark theme fixed.
    Save game uploaded to google drive.

    However - how do you import a save game? :confused:
  • Argh. For reasons unknown, am unable to edit the above. Version is Android.
  • You get a game back from Google Drive by sharing it back;

    Be sure to have the latest Google Drive app, run Google Drive and find your whatever.sav file. Click on it and popup the menu and select "send a copy". After that, you should see a choice dialog where you can select other apps including, The Pawn.

    Chose The Pawn and next time you open the save/load dialog, your save file should be there to load.

    Let me know if it doesn't work. Tested a few devices here so far and it seems ok. Although some functionality depends highly on how Google Drive decides to actually send the data.

  • Pawn on windows: great job! What I miss:
    1) green text on black background;
    2) get previous commands with arrow keys.

    pawn.jpg 480.3K
  • You can have some of the text green in this Theme:

    But, it's only the links.

    What i think we're looking at here, actually, is a special retro mode!

    • green text (or possibly grey)
    • retro fonts
    • retro VDU scan-line effect.

    Because, just having the text green won't really cut it. I'll add this idea to my secret list but at low priority because my next step is to get back to working on The Guild. Nevertheless, it would be cool.

    You can re-edit; lift the entry box slider to reveal previous commands and tap/click on them. it will copy into the entry box, then you can tap to re-edit. Admittedly, there are no arrow re-edits.

    However, we do plan improvements to the text entry. I made a start a while ago on the "word completion/suggestion" feature. I definitely plan to have this ready for The Guild.

  • Right, let's proceed with The Guild!

  • Ahhh, so that's how you share your savegames... When I initially saved the game to my gdrive, I saw that you can send it to the Pawn, but didn't thought to investigate that further.

    Will do so without much ado.

  • it seems a bit weird at first, to share out and to share back in, but this way the game does not have to mess with any cloud storage authorisation.

    Google Drive (as well as clouds in general), changes its authorisation methods more often than they change their socks. It would mean bundling their access API with the app and recompiling it each time it changes.

    Having the storage and sending done by the official cloud app is the neatest way around this whole problem.

  • Nice workaround that one.
  • No windows XP support? :/

  • Windows and OSX support will hopefully be released soon.

  • edited September 2017

    I mean, will it ever work on windows xp? :)

  • @robriz said:
    I mean, will it ever work on windows xp? :)

    Probably using virtualbox on XP to run a win7 session inside it :tongue:

  • Sorry, i misunderstood. Currently, we use Qt5.9.1 which officially does not support anything older than Windows Vista. However sometimes that's just because they can't be bothered to test it on anything earlier.

    Probably it won't work on XP right now, but maybe that might be due to something insignificant. It might be worth me trying to run the binaries on an XP machine i do have one kicking around somewhere.

    Nevertheless, anything other than a trivial reason is not really worth pursuing as eventually no XP machines will be in use.

  • Ok, I'll throw my good old computer away.. :o

  • well ok, it's not the number of XP machines but the percentage.

    Personally, i think XP was their finest OS. in many ways it did things right, and since then things have got worse. I used an XP machine to read some floppy disks that wouldn't read even under linux. Also XP has tape drive support built in. I did try using it to restore some backups made on DAT tape. The drive was recognised by XP (but not anything else i tried), but sadly the tapes didn't read.

    So perhaps don't throw it just yet :-)

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