New UI gives unintentional spoiler?

After you first encounter Kronos, he shows up in the sidebar as "Evil Magician". That's a bit premature, isn't it?


  • I can't just call you "magician".

    I guess it could be "The Magician". But then there must only be one.

  • @hugh said:
    I guess it could be "The Magician". But then there must only be one.

    The game introduces him as "Kronos the magician" when you first encounter him.

  • Hi. This is now fixed.

    The sidebar has been changed to pass objectID back to the game rather than the strings on display (how it works in current release). This means that we can change the display string to whatever we like.

    I've changed it to "Kronos the Magician".

    This sort of thing will be useful whenever you need to address someone or something in a different way than their raw game term. For example "Dr. Livingstone".

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • We need a shrubbery!

  • That could be part of the "additional" content in The Guild of Thieves. :-)

  • @hugh said:
    Hi. This is now fixed.

    Thanks! I guess all that's needed now is the documentation (necessary for the later games, but still nice to have for this one) and - more importantly - some free time to actually play the game. :)

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    I'm planning to spin up an update release, there are a few other fixes and some new features. Hopefully release something next week.

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    Another thing - it is possible to get the rice and the bowl from the guru without covering your wristband. Is this correct?

    FWIW had a shufty at a walkthrough for the pawn,

    you'll have to cover your wristband with your shirt
    in order to know what you need to do for the guru.

  • I think you can get them. Covering the band just stops him laughing but if you know what you're doing you can get the bowl and get on with it.

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