Android :: Save game feature borked

After getting a couple of items in my inventory (most notably hoe, rake, guru bowl, chit) I saved the game, resetted it, and restored the game.

The map restored fine, but I lost all my inventory items (except the horse I rode into town with).

Not sure if this bug extend to the windows, linux and mac versions as well....


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    This feature happens when I have restored my game. Immediately checking my inventory I found that I only have what I started off with. Make one move into any direction, and check the inventory again, and all is back.


  • I think i've found it. After a load game, it doesn't refresh the inventory sidebar immediately. either 1 move later or after you press the refresh icon (at the top). it's then ok.

    so the load works, but the UI lags by 1 move. I'll file a bug report.

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    I found another bug, and I suspect that it is also part of the above UI lag bug.

    Went gallivanting into the dark caves until I died in the lava river. I then exited the game, and only now started it up again.

    The picture is not synchronized correctly, allow me to demonstrate :smile:
    (The refresh icon at the top does not help)

    This is where I am at the moment.

    And this is what is displayed...

    It only got updated after a couple of moves.

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