ReRelease of old MagneticScrolls Games for AmigaOS

Hello guys!!!

Nice to see these wonderful old games as reworked releases for modern OS.

But how about a (re)release of the old games for the old computers
like AmigaOS 3 (68k) or especially AmigaOS 4 (PowerPC)?!

If there are some C sources (hopefully its not in pure old 68k asm code
left I can do the rework for you. Free of course!

Surely there will be some hundreds if not thousands of interested players!!!

Kind regards,
Gerd Frank

PS: YES, still using AmigaOS on several machines! :-))


  • Hi Gerd,

    Thanks for your interest in our project! Yes we are remastering the old games as best we can. Also, there's the possibility of extending and updating them.

    Just to tell you some really uptodate news, yesterday i managed to rebuild "The Guild of Thieves" from its original source code and run it!

    We've recovered both the original source codes for the games AND the build tools, including the original simulator. There's also the magnetic emulator that we can use to run final binaries.

    You will be amused to learn that the original program linker generates AmigaDOS program format (this is only used as a format, not that the image would actually run on an Amiga).

    In terms of a remastered Amiga version, there are two ways it could go:

    • Option 1: run the simulator/emulator

    build magnetic emu or the Scrolls original simulator on remastered program images.

    • option 2: remake a true Amiga binary

    The original source code has a set of defines that control whether it's built for emulation or an actual 68k system. For the latter, none of the A-LINE traps used for emulation are emitted and instead actual 68k code for those functions is supplied.

    I haven't tried building for this option. In theory i have the code, but i haven't checked.

    This option would probably need our help, but we would need your help with the Amiga bits.

    Is there such as thing as an Amiga emulator for the PC. That would be how i could try running it.

    Nevertheless, option 1 may still be the best bet. That would also be your only option for the powerPC version.

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