The Peter & Paul Case

Picton Files: Contemporary crime thrillers

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The Picton Files are a series of contemporary crime detective thrillers. The games are episodic and feature lead characters: Detective Inspector Lance Picton and his assistant Kathrynne Lee, known as Kit.

In this game you will assume the role of DI Picton, a man as tenacious as he is effective. Let's hope you're up to it. If you get stuck, look for more clues and talk to Kit.

Good luck!

Technical Brief

This is a demo of the full game, developed in Strand and presented with 3D rendered graphics, including backgrounds and characters. The game includes ambient sounds and other effects. Gameplay consists of hybrid choice-parser input with GUI clickables and multiple location viewpoints.


DI Lance Picton first made an appearance in SpringThing 2021. You can play his debut mini-game here.

If you would like to give feedback, suggestions, ideas, comments or to know more about the plot, help design characters or get involved in the development;

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AuthorJkj Yuio
GenreContemporary crime thriller
Game MechanicChoice + Parser + Point & Click
IF SystemStrand
PlatformBrowser (no download needed)
Scope of IntroIntro + first crime scene
Content WarningsSuitable for all.
Time to Play10 mins
FeaturesPhotoreal high-res graphics, multiple viewpoints, sound, point & click, animation, parser, choice, character dialogue, personalisation, save/load/undo.

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