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  • Just to wrap up on Jinxter, couple of small in-game bugs, feel free to disregard, I'm enjoying playing it very much! I found two ways to plug the hole in the boat - bung in sock or the mouse. The mouse fits as-is, but if you put it in the sock it…
  • Perfect excuse to play it through again. I really like Jinxter, I think it's my favourite of the series. From what I've read it was a painful birth but it's a good game with logical puzzles. I love the village it has some good puzzles, and the unde…
  • Ah! That works. Thanks! I originally entered "put ash on hearth" while still in the great hall, then went up the chimney, that doesn't work. Whereas if I drop the ash once up the chimney it says "the ash disappears from view for ever, that's it …
  • @hugh said: Thanks for your comments on the games. You might like to play around with the theme selections rather than edit the config file directly. Although that will work! Yes I like the themes but they don't let you choose a background c…
  • @stefan said: Glad to hear that you like the game! Are you sure that you are set for the endgame? There are quite some steps involved. If you provide some details what your last steps have been, perhaps we can figure out if something is m…
  • Jinxter endgame appears to be broken, I'm in the right place with the right future set and she never shows up. Waited over 100 turns. Not had any bad luck, score is 195. Enjoyed the game, but it's very frustrating when the last move doesn't work!