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  • I can load my files. thanks. I fiddled a little and I think I can reconstruct my problem, thankfully my save games are now loadable after a restart. That doesn't work with the version before. Save a game by typing SAVE and after that try to load a…
  • thanks, I'll try it out
  • Yes I'm playing on Android. I'm pretty sure the save game fix for Android isn't released yet, because I never couldn't load UI-saved games via LOAD-command and vice versa. In Windows it works fine. I tried to load the failed ones with the LOAD-co…
  • So am I, listening to the birds, totally relaxed. the background sounds are really good. thanks.
  • yeah that's what I was thinking when I proposed that addition. maybe we can have that too? e.g. TREASURELIST For now I have a handwritten list in which I can see what treasure is in the safe. > @Dsinclair said:
  • aah, sorry, i totally misunderstood. I read sthg about a treasure list, to use it like INVENTORY, to see what treasures are already in the safe.
  • @hugh said: Hi, We added the word "treasure" to The Guild, so at least you can identify it. But of course, that won't tell you which treasures you're missing. is this in integrated? if i type treasure i got Are you talking to y…
  • This seems to be an dead end, I experienced it recently and after that I found my old map in which I found a note to myself ;-)
  • @hugh this definitely didn't work in GoT.
  • maybe you saved the game by typing SAVE and tried to restore ist in the settings. As far as I know, this didn't work.
  • Sharing via Google drive between Jinxter Android and Win and back works like a charm. thanks
    in Save games Comment by Siggel January 14
  • will do, thanks. will there be a savegame fix for guild of thieves?
    in Save games Comment by Siggel January 13
  • wow thanks, I'll try this. I didn't bought jinxter yet, i try to finish Guild of thieves first, As far as I know myself, I'll have Jinxter and The Pawn in my shopping cart. Is there a way to by the Android and Windows version in a bundle?
    in Save games Comment by Siggel January 13
  • maybe you can allow a userdefined folder to store/get the save files to/from. ok, I don't want to sound negative, so I stop. You've done a great work and I should enjoy playing the game(s).
    in Save games Comment by Siggel January 10
  • the share button in fact didn't work. But even if it did, I was only able to share to Windows and not back from Windows to Android, wasn't I? I'd like to play in Windows and when I travel I use my tablet, so it would be nice to switch the save gam…
    in Save games Comment by Siggel January 10