Esoteric temple and deity

Note : I played this game on two android devices, they are not synchronized.

On the first device I managed to come to the skeleton and chest, then managed to climb down the rope ladder at the waterfall.

On the second device I wandered on another path and arrived at a temple, and fiddled around with the statue, which dragged me down into a watery grave. (Adventure writers sure are a sadistic lot, but I digress). Anyway, managed to figure out that I need to DROP STATUE and go down, then north. There I find some boots which I can wear.

However, this part is a dead end. You can't go ahead (as you need the rope ladder to climb out) and you can't go back through the well.

Quite interesting. Unless I'm missing something?


  • This seems to be an dead end, I experienced it recently and after that I found my old map in which I found a note to myself ;-)

  • Spoiler;

    You have to untie ladder at the Top of The Waterfall, otherwise the ladder isn't there to climb up after escaping from the well underneath the Temple statue.

    Otherwise, it is indeed a dead end.

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