Some suggestion (PC user)

First of all,
I like this remastered version very much but I'd like to propose some suggestions.

1) If I click on a underlined noun to examine it, the input field (where I type the command) losts its focus, so I have to click in it with the mouse, this is not too confortable after a while.

2) IF I drag an object from inventory to screen, the object is dropped and this is a very nice feature. But it would be great if I could do the reverse process too, that is dragging an objet from the screen to the inventory to take it

3) There is an option to show clicked commands in the game screen, but I'd like to see the typed commands too. It's a bit strange to type a command that I don't see in the game screen and in this manner I can't remember what commands I have already tried.

Thanks for the attention,



  • Hi Fosoro,

    Thanks for your suggestions, all appreciated.

    Click Focus

    You're right, this is clearly an oversight! I'm adding this to do the todo short-list.

    Drag to Sidebar

    I shall have a think about this. It would be very nice to be able to do this. Words dragged from the main text would also have to be droppable onto other words as well as the sidebar.

    At the moment a sidebar list item is a draggable object, but words are not. I'll have to look into whether it's possible to somehow make them turn into draggable "labels".

    Good idea though!

    Typed Commands on Screen

    Yes, you're right about this. It doesn't echo typed commands for The Pawn, but it does for The Guild of Thieves. This is something we fixed for that. At some point it would be nice to make an update for The Pawn, since also there is the word suggestion feature that's also missing from The Pawn.

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    Thanks Hugh for the quick response,

    I think that especially the last fix is really important, because the feeling of playing without the echoing of the typed command is a bit strange.


  • I like the echo too!

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