Guild of Thieves feature suggestion: treasure list

Could we have a command "treasure", abbreviated "t", that tells you what treasures you have already deposited into the Bank of Kerovnia night safe? This would be very helpful to keep track of one's progress in the game.


  • Interesting idea. Thanks. Have added it to our todo list. Perhaps this is something for a future Guild release.

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    Thanks :) The reason I asked is, I tried to complete the game (on the windows version) and can't get into the Bank of Kerovnia. The notice says that the bank is closed due to not quite enough business. I've consulted two walkthroughs and gone through the treasures and their locations again and again, but I can't figure out what I could have missed. My score at this point is 375.

    I've even tried turning in "junk" items to see if they might be treasures, but to no avail.

    I verified that I didn't leave any night safes open with an item inside.

    Has anyone here successfully completed the game on the new edition?

    This is the list of 15 treasures as I understand it:

    diamond ring
    designer dress
    plastic bag
    oil painting
    china pot

    rest of game:

    incense burner
    ivory rhinoceros
    stone / mineral chips

    Incidentally, the hint list on the strandgames guild hints only mentions 14 treasures (brooch is not included).

  • Yes, this should be all the treasures. Somehow I seem to remember that you also need a certain score for the bank to open, but a quick glance at the sources only revealed that you need the 15 treasures. Will have a closer look. Can you perhaps provide me with a savegame?
    Played the complete remastered version through to the end many times when testing, so actually I'd think that it's ok, but of course this still isn't a guarantee that there isn't something going wrong.

    Good find with the hints. Never noticed that the hints are incomplete. They are taken from the Collection version and indeed, even in the original game, there are only 14 treasure hints. Will add one for the brooch.

  • I'm getting file is not allowed when trying to attach a savegame.

  • Can you perhaps upload it to some dropbox-thing or send it via message?

  • Thanks for the savegame. Indeed strange, if you do everything that is required to get into the Bank you should have a score of 395, so something didn't work out. But looking at your inventory and the map, it seems you have fullfilled everything necessary. So, my first guess would be that for one reason or the other the chalice isn't in the bank. Hmm, do your perhaps more savegames? Ideally before you aquired the chalice?

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