Windows 10 Refresh Problem (solved) and Font Problem

Hi. Thanks for baking the code and restoring your masterpieces!
I read your story today, remembered me enjoying Pawn and Guild on an Atari ST back in 1988 and instantly bought your remastered version.

At first the game window was not reacting/refreshing after i typed something. I fixed this by starting the application with compatibility settings "Windows 7".

Now i found the window section titles are somehow garbled. (see attached image)

System: Windows 10 (german)

My firewall is turned on and detected Guild trying to connect to (trying to find updates i guess?)

Thanks for any suggestions.
Greetings from Hamburg


  • Hi!

    Glad to hear you got it working. I have run it under Windows 10 and it seemed ok. However, i will look into this, in case something has gone bad.

    It will check a URL at This fetches the latest version number. You can find out which version you're running in the last line in the settings. Also some other info about screen scaling.

    If there's a new version out there, it will show an update link. It will still function fine if you block this check, but of course, you won't see updates.

  • Regarding the font problem;

    The headers shown are in "Roboto". A copy is bundled with the game which it uses but, could it be that you also have this font installed in your system but with a different version?

    It could be that it is picking up pre-installed fonts that match the name instead of the bundled ones?

  • Looking more at your attached picture;

    The left sidebar list text should also be "roboto", which it appears to be. But, have you changed the font of the main text in the settings? Because the font shown is not the default.

  • Thanks a lot and my respects for your precise analysis. i actually had roboto installed as a windows font. after deleting it, everthing looks fine and i can see my score :)

  • I dont want to be impertinent, but three things would be so great to have in your remastered version: Displaying the map by typing "map" or "m", getting the last typed command back with the arrow up key and of course keeping the last image on screen.
    Cheers and a sunny week for you.

  • Hi Hamborn,

    Glad to hear you have it working!

    "keeping the last image on the screen". Do you mean it should leave the last picture when you move away from the location?

    If so, this was a deliberate change. As you recall, the originals used to leave the last picture until a new one was available. We took that out for the remaster because people complained! However, there is indeed a "classic" mode in the settings and perhaps the original functionality should happen in the mode?

    Thanks for reminding me about the line edit idea. It's something that occurred to me a while back. I added it to the todo

    But, did you know there is already an alternative;

    Grab the little line above the text input area and drag upwards to resize the lower input pane. You will see below the input line, the previous commands in a smaller font. If you click/tap any of these it will copy into the input line for re-edit. You can therefore get more than just the last command this way.

    Also try out the predictive text above. You can tap/click on a word, or for desktop version, press TAB to insert the suggested word.

  • Thanks again. I didnt see this feature with the previous commands. Very useful.
    I just read that you took out dead ends, which was my greatest fear back then, constantly saving the game over and over. Wonderful. Now i will try to get those "trivial" 501 Points i never reached :)

    Just for inspiration, if you arent already aware: I was a fan of jackson and livingstones live fantasy books in the 80s and discovered a company some years ago that rereleased jacksons "Sorcery". Even more, they made an online interactive fiction tool called inklewriter and now offer an open source IF scripting language. To me thats a beautiful approach to bring IF to the modern world.
    Inkle Language:

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