All treasures collected?

I played with a walktrough and think I have deposited all treasures in the various night safes. But the Bank of Kerovnia is still closed to "not quite enough business". So it seems, I can't finish the game.

Can I analyze a saved game what treasure is missing?


  • Are you sure that you got all treasures? You should have:

    "plectrum", "chalice", "fossil","oil painting", "ruby", "china pot", "brooch", "designer dress",
    "diamond ring", "plastic bag" "incense burner", "statuette","chips", "gem","ivory rhinoceros"
    The sheet must not be broken!

  • Thank you, stefan.
    I missed the incense burner.
    And it seems I made a mistake with the sheet, because my earlier save games only show the plastic bag but not the sheet - probably I had opened the bag. :-(
    So it seems I have to replay most of the way.

  • Yes, these are the dead ends that we actually try to remove. Have added the music sheet to our todo list. Need to check how we handle this and think about an improvement :smile:
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