Wishes for saving/loading games

I'm playing Guild of Thieves. Concerning saving and loading, I would be quite happy if...:

1.... after loading a saved game, the text area would be cleared of previous text, or at least some separating lines etc. would inserted to mark the break
2. ... the list of saved games would show the date/time of each entry (optimum: sort by). By now, the are ordered alphabetically, which makes it difficult to find the "right" one.
3. ... the path would be visible (Windows: /users//AppData/Roaming/Brahman/guild). Both for backups or for other purposes, as I had problems with a corrupted umlaut-filename and was forced to rename it. (Or is it mentioned somewhere where to find them?)



  • Hi,

    thanks, these are good suggestions. I added them to our list!


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