Won't forget these days

Just to mention a Fury-song...
Recently I started reading some retro-gaming books and wanted to replay some of my memories. Some other game genres have aged a lot, but adventures seem to be timeless. I was quite disappointed to miss Magnetic Scrolls in "The classic guide to classic graphic adventures", but happy to learn about Strand Games in "Nur noch dieses Level" (Eisenmenger).

I'm playing on PC. It's cool that the old story flair still is alive, while gameplay is getting much more comfortable, even compared with the Collection's GUI.
Quite fascinating to learn in your blog how you retrieve these treasures from old tapes.
Now, I started again with Guild of Thieves, which I tried and abandoned when being about 15. The manual ("What burglar") in itself shows how much fun the MS-people had back then in creating IF - including a little Infocom bashing. ;-)

Apropos Infocom: Do you have a kind of rating for the Magnetic Scroll Adventures, which indicates size and/or difficulty?



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    Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear that you like the remastered games. To my best knowledge there was no dificulty rating for the MagScrolls games. I guess, such a rating is of limited use anyway. I very much depends on experience and kind of games you play. If you dive into a new genre or a special settings, even advanced players might find more challenges than anticipated.

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