A few questions about the iOS releases

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Hi there,

First of all: thank you for making the Magnetic Scrolls games avaiable in an enhanced format. It is very nice to be able to play them once more with the convenience of a tablet. I’ve just bought the “Guild of Thieves” and have a few questions. Please excuse my ignorance if I’m missing something obvious:

  1. I’m not sure how to save and load my game: When I type “save”, the game asks for a filename. When I try to “load” the filename, the game tells me: “Sorry, there was a problem with the load”. In the forums I read that some versions of the game have additional ‘save’-buttons, but I do not see those on iOS. What is the best way to load and restore my progress?
  2. If saving is possible, is it possible to ‘share’ savegames between the iOS and Windows-version of the game?
  3. Some versions of the game should have a ‘settings’-button. Is it correct that no such button is avaiable on iOS? If not, is there a way to resize fonts or set different ones etc?
  4. From the screen-shots, I understand that a (auto?)map should be avaiable in game. Is that correct? If so, how can I open it?

Thank you and regards,


  • A quick post to let future readers know I figured out the answers to my questions above and report a.. well I’m not sure if it is a bug. It turns out that, because a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad, the top of the menu is not shown. Therefore, icons like [Settings] etc. are not shown. Detaching / disabling the keyboard makes the top visible once more.

  • Hi Vincent,
    Sorry for the trouble. Indeed, I get some weird effects when using an external keyboard on my iPhone and my iPad as well. Strange, I tested the releases with an external keyboard, but didn‘t encounter this before. Perhaps something that was introduced in the recent iOS, iPadOS versions. I guess, you are using a recent 14.x release?
    Anyway, I will add this to our bug list and try to find out why the head bar vanishes sometimes. On my iPhone it is visible when running in portrait mode, but is missing in landscape mode.

  • Hi stefan,

    thank you for your reply. I did some further searching and found out that I can make the whole view visible by disabeling the grey 'keyboard bar', that appears when I attach the Bluetooth keyboard. This can be done by tapping: [Settings] > [Keyboard] > [Predictive] > Off.

    Once disabled, I am able to use the keyboard and view the top of the game's menu at the same time. Thank you once again for the great work on the Magnetic Scrolls games!

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